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East Prairie School Enrichment Program

The East Prairie School Enrichment Program offers a variety of opportunities for students to develop their skills, interests and knowledge base. The program offers broadening (horizontal) enrichment opportunities for students.

The gifted and talented students have the benefit of have their educational needs met with both broadened (horizontal) as well as accelerated (vertical) enrichment opportunities. These services are planned to meet student’s specific needs.

Enrichment begins with the general classroom teachers. East Prairie School Vision and Mission statements as well as the Beliefs about Learning strongly support education for the whole child with diverse learning opportunities.

(Update 12-2-10)            

Current Enrichment Program On The Prairie Articles

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Enrichment Program at East Prairie School

Skokie, Illinois

Enrichment Program Current OTP Articles

General Classroom Enrichment Enrichment Brochure.pdf

Philosophy and Meta-Cognitive Skills for the Complex Thinker

Middle School Electives

Intermediate Grades Critical Thinking Specials


Contests and Competitions             Updated as contest results become available


        Writing Contests and Publishing Grades K-8

        Music and Choir Competitions grades 4-8

        Photography and Art Competitions grades 3-8



Other Contests from Past Years

        History Fair grades 6-8

        Science Fair grades 7-8


Out of Level and Honors Math program



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Enrichment Program Comprehensive Plan